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Portuguese Virtual Language Village

Bem-vindo a Mar e Floresta, the Portuguese Virtual Village program where aldeões (villagers) wade boldly into the language, culture and traditions of the Lusophone world — especially those of Portugal, Brasil and the southern African countries of Mozambique and Angola.​

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While there is no confusing the North Woods of Minnesota or your own backyard with the Atlantic coast of Portugal or the tropics of Brasil, at a Mar e Floresta Virtual Village we do our best to recreate a bit of the ambiance of both. From the time they log in to their session, villagers will find themselves constructively engaged in a variety of community and cultural activities, all geared toward having them listen, speak and eventually even start to think in Portuguese, the world’s sixth most widely spoken language.


At a Mar e Floresta Virtual Village session, villagers may learn to dance the samba, sing traditional Portuguese música or even create máscaras (masks). Activities are based in Lusophone culture and further villagers’ language acquisition.

Tech Requirements

In order to best take advantage of this interactive experience, you will need the resources necessary for e-learning (reliable internet access, a device per villager with a webcam and microphone) and any individual adaptive devices needed; headphones are recommended but not required. Use of Chromebooks is not recommended as villagers cannot access all the features of the Virtual Village platform. As a program of Concordia College, we are coordinating our efforts with the college so that all virtual platforms will have the necessary and appropriate security features to protect the privacy of users, including compliance with FERPA and COPPA.


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Meet Our Program Staff

Kirsten Salomé Addison

Kirsten Addison is the dean of both Mar e Floresta, the Portuguese Language Village, and El Lago del Bosque, the Spanish Language Village. She goes by Salomé at Mar e Floresta and Cristina at El Lago del Bosque. Kirsten has been on staff at Concordia Language Villages since 1986, serving as dean in various Villages since 1996. She has been dean of the Spanish Language Village for many summers, dean of the French Language Village for one summer, and she continues as dean of academic year Spanish programs. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and French, she graduated an Honours Bachelor of Arts in political science and Spanish from the University of Western Ontario and studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain and the University of Lisbon in Portugal. Kirsten was a Rotary Exchange student to Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Most recently, she graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University as a chiropractic physician.