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Music, Dance and Art at Mar e Floresta

Vamos cantar!

Each day villagers at Mar e Floresta get to explore various artistic aspects of the cultures of the Lusophone world, particularly music, dance and art.  Among the creative activities awaiting them are Africa drumming, cooking, fishing, and making máscaras (masks) or painting azulejos (tiles) from Portugal.

And because música (music) and  dança (dance) are such integral parts of all Portuguese-speaking cultures, a half hour each day is devoted to them.  By the end of their stay, villagers will know the words to several traditional songs and the basic steps of the samba.

Bring your creative side to Mar e Floresta! Upon arrival at camp, you will decorate your very own name tag with your new Portuguese name. During your time at camp, you may be making máscaras and tile painting with azulejos. You will also take part in many fun skits, so remember to wear your costumes!