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Why Norwegian?

Learning Norwegian at Skogfjorden can impact your life in unexpected ways.  See what people are saying.


“Not only was Norwegian an influential part of my family’s past, it turned out to pave the way for my family’s future as well.”  -Lisa “Gitte” Sethre-Hofstad

“Skogfjorden inspires understanding, mutual support, and community  ̶  all of which are ingredients for creating a better world.” -Gary “Truls” Peterson

“Who knew learning Norwegian could be so fun?” -Steve “Sverre” Asper


Top reasons to learn Norwegian


  • Explore your world. From the Vikings to Roald Amundsen to the modern day, Norwegians have a history of reaching beyond their borders. Today’s Norwegian explorers and scientists are on the forefront of new discoveries. By learning Norwegian, you can get closer to history in the making.


  • Participate in progressive dialogue. Norway has ranked as a leader in gender equality, gay rights and social justice for decades. Today its ever-more diverse population, from native Sami people to new Pakistani immigrants, is still exploring frontiers in social justice. Join the conversation, including with new Norwegians, by speaking the language.


  • Expand on your Norwegian connections.  More than a million Norwegians have immigrated to North America over the last 250 years bringing their traditions with them. Whether you have family among them or not, you can connect to a culture that has become embedded in the fabric of countless communities around the United States.


  • Be noticed and take the challenge.  Options for really learning Norwegian are pretty limited and by taking on the challenge to seek out an opportunity to do so, you set yourself apart from the rest and help yourself stand out from a crowd.  It’s a unique way to show that you are committed to pursue something that distinguishes you from the rest of the field.  


  • Connect with nature through the beauty of Friluftsliv. To fully grasp the meaning of Friluftsliv, a nature-loving lifestyle, you must do it in Norwegian. Do as the Norwegians do by exploring and appreciating nature regardless of the seasons or type of weather.  Enjoying the world in Norwegian helps you enjoy it fully!


  • Support a more peaceful planet. Responsible for the annual Nobel Peace Prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo takes peace seriously, seeking to lead, support and/or recognize peaceful endeavors globally. Learn from them the fine art of Norwegian mediation and negotiation, including spoken and unspoken ways to build bridges of understanding.



  • Get a job in the energy industry. Speaking Norwegian will better position you to get a job with one of Norway’s global energy firms. Norway is both a leading producer of fossil fuels, and at the forefront of renewable energy development and climate change innovation.


  • Enjoy the arts. From ancient Viking wood carvings and metalwork to the genius of Henrik Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt,” Edvard Grieg’s “Morning Mood,” Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” Sigrid Undset’s “Kristin Lavransdatter” and Jo Nesbø’s groundbreaking detective series, Norway’s artists lead in many fields.  Speaking Norwegian will let you appreciate this cultural treasure house as an insider.