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Our Site: Skogfjorden

Our first Norwegian Language Village opened in 1963. In 1968, we broke ground on our very first architecturally authentic Language Village site: Skogfjorden. Located on peaceful Turtle River Lake near Bemidji, Minnesota, Skogfjorden provides a backdrop of beauty and nature that makes you feel as though you have been magically transported to a small lakeside village in Norway.

Villagers live in a dormitory-type setting, sleeping in bunk beds. The nine beautiful cabins at Skogfjorden are year-round dwellings with carpeting, electricity and indoor plumbing. They are named after Norway’s largest cities, spanning Kristiansand in the south to Tromsø in the north. Cabins with attached bath facilities house 16 villagers/staff each.

While youth program participants use both the top and bottom bunks in the cabins, adult and family programs only use the bottom bunks. Keep in mind while packing that there is room to hang a few items of clothing, but overall, storage space is limited.


Capacity: 120 villagers
• Traditional lakeside camp setting
• Activity building with large group space and deck
• Gym and activity space
• Immigrant barn and cabins create additional learning space.