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Learn Norwegian with us!

Our summer youth programs offer a variety of fun and challenging sessions to fit you and your family's Norwegian language needs.  Read over the program descriptions below and see which type of session is the best fit for your villager.  Also be sure to look at our Norwegian adult and family programs taking place all year round.

Learning the nuts and bolts
of language is key to success
Games and activities make language learning easy and fun!
Games and activities make language
learning easy and fun!







Adventure Day Camp (NDC01, NDC02, NDC05, NVEXX)

The Norwegian day camp program is the perfect first-step for your villager to begin learning Norwegian.  These sessions would be a good fit if your child is not quite ready for the overnight program.  You can expect your villager to learn simple phrases and words while also being exposed to Norwegian cultural programming and activities over the course of their session.

Recommended ages: 6-9

One-Week Exploration (NB11 and NB21)

The Norwegian one-week programs are the ideal introduction to our overnight sessions.  Staying in one of our Norwegian cabins with children of similar age group, your villager will get the full camp experience.  Your child will learn basic phrases and words that they will be able to use in practical and cultural settings in and outside of the village.

Recommended ages: 7-11

A meal presentation performed by the entire cabin helps villagers take
the language learning into their own hands.

Two-Week Immersion (NB12, NB32, and NB52)

Our two-week immersion sessions are the core programs of the Norwegian language village. Your villager will have the opportunity to stay in a Norwegian cabin with children of a similar age while getting the full camp experience. Themes can vary between each session, ranging from music-focused, dual-immersion (learning alongside native-Norwegian villagers), or Vikings and Peace. Expect your villager to be experienced in the use of basic phrases, an expanded vocabulary, and practical use of the language skills acquired after their very first year with enhanced skills developing as they continue to grow with us.

Recommended ages: 8-16

Two-week villagers have the chance to live out unique aspects of Norwegian culture

Two-Week Immersion for Native Norwegians (NB33)

This session is only for native-Norwegian campers. Your villager will expand their English-speaking skills and their understanding of American culture while learning side-by-side with American villagers who are there to learn about Norwegian language and culture.

Recommended ages: 14-18

Four-Week Folk High School (Non-Credit) (NB30)*

The four-week Folk High School (FHS) session is an especially Norwegian way for your villager to dive deeper into the program at the Norwegian Language village. Your villager will work with a tight-knit group of FHS peers to accomplish a self-driven group project that connects them to lesser-known aspects of Norwegian culture. Expect your child to be proficient in the use of basic conversational Norwegian that is practical in both in- and outside the village.

Recommended ages: 13-18

For both American and Native-Norwegian villagers.
The Folk High School villagers develop deep bonds while they work together to accomplish goals

Four-Week High School Credit

Over the course of four weeks, villagers will experience 180 hours of Norwegian language instruction that is the equivalent of one year’s worth of High School language credit. This is the only place in the United States where one can take high school-level Norwegian and stand out from the crowd in college applications. Villagers will enjoy our camp setting and innovative teaching techniques that takes learning outside of the classroom. Whether a villager joins us as a first-time Norwegian learner or an advanced speaker, their language skills will be advanced to the next level through conversation, practical application, and focused (and fun) learning.

Recommended ages: 15-18

A group of high school credit villagers performing a song they wrote together during their month-long stay.