Knightworthy at Skogfjorden

What does knightworthy mean at Skogfjorden?

To be brave and accomplish tasks that help bridge understanding is one way of earning the title of a ridder. Helping others and making them feel safe is another trait considered knightworthy. Rising up and facing difficult challenges, like kjempenorsk, makes one fit to hold the title of Skogfjorden ridder.

Do you have the courage and compassion necessary to be a ridder at Skogfjorden?

Fun Fact

His Majesty King Harald V of Norway has granted royal patronage to Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Language Village. Patronage is an affirmation from the Royal Family of Norway of the quality educational programming of Concordia Language Villages.

In 2009, Tove Irene Dahl, the dean of Skogfjorden, was named a Knight of the First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway for the advancement of Norwegian language and culture in the United States.