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Music at Skogfjorden


Like to dance? So do we. In fact, we often have a popular evening program called Bygdedans where everyone from the village learns how to dance to both modern and traditional dance music.

​International Day Dance


Music is a big part of daily life at Skogfjorden. We sing authentic norske sanger and songs that were written specially for our village by staff members, villagers and friends of Skogfjorden. We also sing songs translated from other languages featured at Concordia Language Villages.

Some songs are silly, some tell stories, some make you want to dance, and some are simply beautiful. It doesn’t matter what time of day, Skogfjorden has a song for the occasion and a way to teach Norwegian through music. It’s part of what makes life exciting at the village!

In the subsections of this page you may find the lyrics to some of our favorite songs or learn how to play them on the guitar or fela.

​Learn the polka!