Have Fun at Skogfjorden

One of the best parts of being here is that you will be surrounded by others your own age who also want to learn Norwegian. You’ll share cabins, canoes, funny stories, and amazing experiences. Your new friends will come from all over the country, and sometimes, they’ll end up being counted among your closest friends.

You’ll never be bored. We always have plenty of activities to choose from, including sports, arts, crafts, and music. Some activities will be with large groups, others with small groups. Some activities will be quiet and relaxing, while others will energize and invigorate you.

We have some activities that return year after year because they are so popular. Every year, Norge celebrates creativity and wit in Norwegian advertising with a competition called “Gullfisken.” The entries are simply fantastiske! Each strenggruppe was given the oppgave of creating a creative, compelling and effective reklame. Gullfisken has become quite a tradition på Skogfjorden.

One summer, four Vikings were stranded at Skogfjorden and had to find a way to get back to their time. The deltakerne helped the vikinger by reading the runes to find out whom they had to go meet. The whole village learned about the Viking times with games, stories, and jewelry making. Finally, the Vikings found a magic bridge, Bifrost, and tried to escape back to where they came from, but they were thwarted by the British. The vikinger and the British had a battle. Though the British won, the Vikings were allowed to go back to their time.

Every night at Skogfjorden, with a picturesque setting sol, we enjoy quiet time gently punctuated with song, poetry, and instrumental solos as we relax by the campfire amongst friends.

Er det rart vi har det bra?

Learning to count to 20 (tjue)!