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Meals at Sup sogŭi Hosu

At Sup sogŭi Hosu, the Korean Language Village, every menu is carefully planned to offer you a variety of delicious, authentic Korean foods. Meals typically consist of steamed rice (pap), kimch’i and soup, plus an assortment of side dishes (panch’an). 

Broiled beef (pulgogi) and steamed ribs (kalbitchim) are favorites at Sup sogŭi Hosu, as are ginseng chicken soup (samgyet’ang) and Chinese noodles (tchajangmyŏn).Some Korean dishes can be rather spicy, but many are very mild. You may even get to try authentic Korean BBQ.

You’ll love exploring the language and traditions of Korea by eating authentic foods with traditional stainless steel chopsticks. If you finish your meal and are hungry for more, we encourage you to ask for seconds.

Village Dining Tips

At first glance, it looks like Korean eating customs are the same as those in China and Japan, right? Not necessarily. First, Koreans tend to use their spoon to eat their rice rather than their chopsticks. Second, it is bad form for your rice bowl to leave the table surface. And of course, never leave your chopsticks standing up in your rice - that’s reserved for memorial services for the dead!

Try a Korean Recipe at Home

Korean Stuffed Pancakes
Capture the taste of a celebration with this Korean fried confection!

Serves 10

¾ cup - Warm water
1 tsp - Yeast
1 tsp - Sugar
¾ cup - Milk
2 ½ cup - Flour
Pinch - Salt
½ cup - Brown sugar
½ cup - Chopped peanuts
Oil for frying

Add the yeast and sugar to the warm water and let it sit for a minute so the yeast gets going and then add the milk.

Stir in the flour and then add the salt to make the dough. Knead the dough for about five minutes. Let the dough rest for about an hour.

Divide the dough into 10 equal portions. Let the dough rest for a few minutes and then roll the dough out into flat circles.

Combine the brown sugar and peanuts. Place a heaped tablespoon of brown sugar/peanuts into the center of one of the dough circles.

Pull the sides of the dough circle up and pinch it together to make a ball with the brown sugar and peanuts inside. Repeat with the rest of the dough balls.

Flatten out a dough ball into a pancake shape and then place it into a heated and greased skillet. Fry the pancake on both sides until brown while continuing to flatten with your spatula.