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Why Learn Japanese

  • Because you enjoy connecting with people. Learning Japanese will help you get the most out of international travel, improve current or future business relationships, and even get better acquainted with friends and neighbors at home.
  • Because you want to prepare for your future. Knowing an Asian language is a great credential on any college or job application. And whether you want to pursue a career in technology, business, travel or art history, you’ll be amazed at how useful even basic Japanese skills can be.
  • Because you’d like to understand your past. Whether you want to chat with your grandmother in her native tongue, or simply learn more about a fascinating culture with thousands of years of recorded history, Mori no Ike can help. Learning Japanese will give you a deeper appreciation for the world’s 127 million Japanese speakers — including the ones in your own family tree.
  • Because you like having fun! Give your spirit of adventure free reign as you learn to navigate chop sticks and perform martial arts. Traditional Japanese activities, mixed with camping favorites like canoeing, swimming and marshmallow roasting, guarantee that every minute of your experience at Mori no Ike will be a treasured memory in the making.

Live the Language

Upon arrival at Mori no Ike, you will pass through Japanese "customs" and be surrounded by the sounds, sights and flavors of Japan. First, you’ll choose a new Japanese name and exchange your American dollars for yen to be used at the village mise (store). Then you’ll find your cabin and settle into your new Japanese style うち (uchi・cabin).  Our caring, friendly counselors will help you learn the words and phrases you need to say konnichiwa to your new cabin mates, ask them where they’re from, and figure out what's what in your new mura (village). In no time at all, you will feel like a part of the community, which is exactly what you will be as your entire time at Mori no Ike will be spent with other kids your own age who share your interest in making new friends, trying new things, and immersing themselves in the Japanese language and culture. Throughout your experience, you will be guided and supported by counselors who speak the Japanese language and culture and are an integral part of the fabric of the community.  

About the Japanese Language

Japanese is the official language of Japan, a world economic power with exports ranging from comic books to automobiles. Although Japan is the only country in the world to have Japanese as its official language, 127 million people around the world speak Japanese. There are significant populations of Japanese speakers in the United States, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea and the Philippines. Because the Japanese language shares some characteristics with Korean and shares some written characters with Chinese, knowing Japanese can make it easier to learn other Asian languages.