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Music and Dance at Mori no Ike

At Mori no Ike, counselors love sharing Japanese culture and activities with you, and they’re great at helping you learn new Japanese words and phrases at the same time.

Songs play an important role in our curriculum at Mori no Ike as they are a great way to learn and retain vocabulary and sentence patterns. And of course, learning songs and dances—both traditional and modern—is a lot of fun!

Lipdub music video made by the credit villagers at 森の池 (Mori no Ike), the Japanese Language Village, in August 2011. The music is また逢える日まで (Mata Aeru Hi Made) by Yuzu.

Villagers sing some of Mori no Ike’s beloved songs in different styles! This was part of the song game from Japanese TV Night.