Why Learn Italian | Concordia Language Villages

Why Learn Italian

1. Because you love la dolce vita.

Learning Italian will bring you into ‘the sweet life’ shared by 65 million Italian speakers worldwide. And learning it at Concordia Language Villages will give you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to plunge into the flavors, styles, traditions of one of the world’s most elegant, historic languages.

2. Because you want to prepare for your future.

Maybe you’re interested in world affairs, business, design or culinary arts. Maybe you have a passion for art history, ancient civilizations or architecture. Maybe you just understand how important it is to know more than one language and to appreciate other cultures in our ever-changing world. Learning Italian at Concordia Language Villages will give you skills you’ll use again and again.

3. Because you want to connect with the past.

Whether you want to chat with Nonna in her native tongue, decipher that family spaghetti sauce recipe, or just expand your knowledge of the rich heritage of Southern Europe.

4. Because you like having fun!

Give your curiosity and your sense of fun free reign as you make tiramisù, play bocce, and make a mask for carnevale. Authentic Italian activities mixed with camping favorites like canoeing, swimming, and marshmallow roasting, guarantee that every minute of your Lago del Bosco experience will be a treasured memory in the making.

Facts about Italian

Italian is a widely-used modern language with ancient roots stemming from the Latin used by the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire spread through Europe, native dialects combined and mixed with Latin, transforming them into what we now call “Romance languages.” If you speak another Romance language, like French, Portuguese or Spanish, you’ll be able to learn Italian more quickly. That’s because the Romance languages all experienced the same union and transformation with Latin.


La Giornata Internazionale
La Giornata Svizzera
La Serata al Ristorante
Ferragosto (15th of August)


Scacchi (Chess with large pieces)
Scopa, Briscola (Italian card games)
Il casinò
Giulio Cesare
Ruba Bandiera (Capture the Flag)

Sports & Outdoor Activity

Pallatennis/soccer meets tennis
Pallamano/Italian handball