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Tens Reasons to Learn Italian

10 Reasons to Learn Italian

1. Gladiators! Yes, the history of Italy is some of the best preserved in the world with by far the most UNESCO cultural heritage sites--47 and counting!

2. Art. Most of those masterpieces you learned about in school are in Italy, and that’s only the start of how much art each city boasts.

3. Music. Forte, piano, scherzo, staccato, crescendo... Italian is the language of music and it goes beyond opera.

4. Food. Need we say more? Just look at all the great food that begins with one letter: P. Pasta, pizza, polenta, parmigiana-reggiano, prosciutto, polpette (meatballs)…

5. Fashion. Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and all the others host fashion weeks in Milan, Florence, and Rome to set the style for the rest of the world.

6. Business. The northern Italian business model is admired for its stability and creativity throughout the world. Who knew that Italy invented banks?

7. Travel. Italy has consistently been one of the top destinations for travelers, but the doors open if you know the language.

8. Vino. OK, you need to be of age, but Italy simply makes the best wine in the world.

9. Architecture. Each region of Italy has its own unique design, from the arches of the Collosseum in Rome to the quaint trulli in Apulia

10. Fun. What could be better than cruising through Rome on your red Vespa (passing those poky Ferraris), zooming up to the café for a quick cappuccino, and then wandering to the Trevi Fountain with your lemon gelato?