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Activities at Lago del Bosco


Villagers playing roverino, a game similar to ultimate Frisbee except using a ring made of rope. Everyone speaks Italian while playing and then jump in the pristine lake. 


At Lago del Bosco, you will be with other kids your own age who also have an interest in making new friends, trying new things and learning Italian. Your Italian immersion experience will be different from every classroom you’ve ever been in. You will learn by doing. The native speakers will encourage you as you play sports and games, explore your artistic side and even learn how to cook in this fun, supportive environment. 



Sports and Games

Stay active by playing some of the traditional games of Italy, soccer (calcio), roverino, pallatennis (soccer meets tennis)and bocce, supplemented by American summer camp favorites such as volleyball (pallavolo), canoeing, swimming (nuotare) and Frisbee. There will be plenty of games, too, such as card games (scopa and briscola), chess with large pieces (scacchi), il casinò , Giulio Cesare and Ruba Bandiera.

Stretching and soccer—in Italian! Counselors use everyday opportunities to teach new vocabulary to villagers.



Arts and Crafts

Italian craftsmanship is known throughout the world for its quality and style. At Lago del Bosco, you will be introduced to some of Italy’s most popular traditional crafts such as leather working, ceramics, mosaics, and jewelry. Ethnic arts and crafts such as beaded bracelet making, stained-glass making, and painting portraits are village favorites.


Fancy yourself a capocuoco (chef)? Learn about Italian cooking, and then try your hand at making a variety of well-known favorites such as ravioli, pesto alla genovese and even tiramisù!