Program Documentation for Transferring Credits in the High School Credit Programs | Concordia Language Villages

Program Documentation for Transferring Credits in the High School Credit Programs

Following successful completion of the course, Concordia Language Villages will provide (to students’ school or parents):

  • Official transcript for one year of high school credit
  • Syllabus of specific Language Village selected
  • Proof of Concordia Language Villages’ accreditation
  • Copy of curriculum specific to leveled class
  • Final Evaluation of student

School districts decide whether or not to accept transfer credit and how to list that credit on a villager’s school record.

Many schools accept full credit for work done at Concordia Language Villages. Some schools, however, may accept half credit, advancement in language studies, or notation of the work on a high school transcript. Some schools may administer a placement exam to determine an appropriate course level upon returning to the school’s language program.

It is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to speak with the villager’s guidance counselor or other school officials to determine what will be required in order for the credit to be transferred prior to their session.

Villagers may include Concordia Language Villages transcripts in college application materials if the credits are not transferred to the villager’s school.

Most of our programs cannot provide the exact class curriculum that will be addressed ahead of time since: a) students are placed in a level after arrival, and b) many programs tailor curricula to student goals and current global themes. For a sample curriculum framework, please contact our Registration Team at (800) 222-4750 or