Program Policies in the High School Credit Programs | Concordia Language Villages

Program Policies in the High School Credit Programs

The following policies are detailed in the syllabus

Receiving Credit: Credit for the program will be granted upon completion of all 180 required hours (the entire course length) as well as a passing grade in all categories of the Village-specific grading policy.

Transferring Credit to Schools: School districts decide whether or not to accept transfer credit and how to list that credit on a villager’s school record. Many schools accept full credit for work done at Concordia Language Villages. Some schools, however, may accept half credit, advancement in language studies, or notation of the work on a high school transcript. Some schools may administer a placement exam to determine an appropriate course level upon returning to the school’s language program. It is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to speak with the villager’s guidance counselor or other school officials to determine what will be required in order for the credit to be transferred prior to their session. Villagers may include Concordia Language Villages transcripts in college application materials if the credits are not transferred to the villager’s school.

Language Levels: On the first full day of the credit session, villagers are placed into learning groups based on their language ability and credit expectations. These groupings allow villagers to learn with peers possessing similar skills and needs near their proficiency level to make one year’s worth or more of progress. Concordia Language Villages welcomes and accommodates learners of any proficiency level (including true beginners) and individualizes an approach to support their increased proficiency and mastery.

Matching School Language Class: Although villagers will learn the same amount of language at the Village as they would in a year at school, it may not be the same content; every school is different. If your school is concerned the Concordia Language Villages curriculum match closely with its curriculum, please have your villager bring a copy of that curriculum or syllabus to the Village and share it with the credit facilitator and teacher. For virtual credit programs, send a digital copy to the program leader with your questions and concerns. We can try to incorporate particular aspects of individual schools’ syllabi into the Language Villages classes or provide individualized extra help, but this has to be requested by the parent/guardian.. Under no circumstances are we able to guarantee to match a school course exactly. Please note that curricula for Village classes cannot be furnished ahead of time, as it is determined during the session based on the abilities of the class group.

Credit Appeals Process: Before the close of the credit session, all credit villagers should know their final grade and generally will sign a document that attests they earned the grade indicated. To appeal a grade, a villager must submit a written request, co-signed by a parent or guardian, to Concordia Language Villages, stating the rationale for the appeal before June 1 (academic-year sessions) or October 1 (summer sessions) of the year following the high school credit course.

For more policies regarding behavior, participation, etc., please see the Parent Handbook.