Evaluation | Concordia Language Villages


In the high school credit program, both formative and summative assessments are used, in addition to learner portfolios.

Credit villagers begin with several placement evaluations, and have frequent opportunities to demonstrate their language and culture learning through activity-based assessment tools, as well as traditional quizzes and tests. Each credit villager also completes a comprehensive portfolio documenting his or her own learning and progress at the Village.

Final Evaluations include:

  • Final grade based on multiple areas of assessment, including but not limited to: summative assessments, participation and leadership in the Village, individual projects, and portfolio development.
  • Descriptions of villager proficiency and skills in three modes of communication: interpersonal, presentational, and interpretive. Individuals can compare these descriptions to common proficiency scales such as ACTFL, Common European Framework, or College Board Continuum.

Grade Scale:

A = 90–100%

B = 80–89%

C = 70–79%

D = 60–69%

F = 59% and below