Credit for Homeschooled Youth | Concordia Language Villages

Credit for Homeschooled Youth

Sessions at Concordia Language Villages can be an important part of a language-learning plan for homeschooled youth.

Credit-bearing sessions provide transcripts for transfer of credit as well as thorough documentation of learning.

Concordia Language Villages strive to create a learning experience to meet the unique needs of all villagers. Among the many features of the program detailed in the syllabus and National Standards Correlations, are elements that villagers from homeschooling backgrounds find especially beneficial:

  • The Village engages one staff member to every four villagers (overall program average), providing opportunity to learn through socializing and constantly practicing with others. Wraparound hour language immersion in this environment provides a level of practice unmatched by most tutoring or online experiences. The Concordia Language Village credit program can complement or replace such options.
  • Villagers are learning with peers who are also motivated learners. Lifelong friendships are formed in a supportive community.
  • Villagers, through various elements of their Village’s curriculum, enjoy an individualized experience with opportunities to set their own goals and choose their own adventure. Villagers can often develop projects, leadership opportunities, and select from many activities.
  • While the model of learning in the Language Villages doesn’t rely on lectures, villagers do get practice engaging in observation and listening by watching presentations and explanations in the large group and small learning groups.
  • The Village and credit programs focus on growing proficiency in the target language for real-world use. Structures and vocabulary are not the goal (as in many traditional classrooms), but rather the tools that speakers use to reach towards higher proficiency levels.

A language cannot be separated from the cultures that create and shape it. The Village goes beyond the superficial level that many other online and individual learning programs attain in understanding cultures. The Village is a place to live in another culture with teachers and counselors as guides to reach a deeper understanding.