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Travel Abroad Earning High School Credit this Summer!

Concordia Language Villages, a pioneer in innovative language learning, continues an exciting four-week credit abroad program this summer in partnership with Xperitas, an educational travel company based in Minneapolis with 70 years of experience in language and cultural immersion, helping students connect with communities abroad and become global citizens. Terms and conditions for the program can be found here

As a Credit Abroad participant, you will spend the first two weeks studying at one of the Language Villages immersed in culture and language in northern Minnesota. Afterward, you will fly to either France, Germany or Costa Rica to “live the language” through a combination of homestays and guided educational tours.

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So, what is different about this particular study abroad program?

You will receive world-class preparation before you go focused on language study, practical communication skills, and the cultural nuances of speaking and living in a foreign country. However, they will not be your typical language classes, but rather Concordia Language Villages trademark immersion methodology that includes culturally authentic activities such as music, dance, games and sports. The result is that you will hit the ground speaking, ready to make the most of your time abroad!

It is a fast and fun way to earn one year of credit (which looks good on your transcript), and will help you excel in your language classes at school in the fall.

Space is limited and enrollment is based on acceptance into the program, so apply early!

Itineraries and prices for summer 2020 are now available! 

French Credit Abroad- France: FAH54 July 6- August 2

German Credit Abroad- Germany: GAH44 June 29- July 26

Spanish Credit Abroad- Costa Rica: SAH54 July 6- August 2


French Credit Abroad FAH54 $7,049

German Credit Abroad GAH44 $7,189

Spanish Credit Abroad SAH54 $6,749