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What's Up at Waldsee


Waldsee is 60! Let's Party Like It's 1961!

The German High School Credit Abroad program is offered in partnership with Xperitas, an educational travel company of distinction. For two weeks, students participate fully in the High School Credit Program at Waldsee. For the final two weeks, participants and teachers travel to Germany for family stays and cultural excursions.

STEM-D High School Credit Program

Immerse yourself in the German language and culture of Waldsee AND focus your attention on science, technology, engineering and math in our four-week STEM-D credit program

Waldsee has received a generous grant from the German government to continue to develop our environmental and STEM curricula as part of a major celebration of relations between Germany and the United States. Find out more here.

Summer 2019! More Family Housing Options


Over the past summers we have been building new housing options for families. We will have another new family unit ready in summer 2019, modeled after an Austrian mountain hut, or Berghütte, thanks to the generosity of the Spielman family.