Language at Waldsee

At Waldsee, you’ll learn German in a traditional summer camp setting. Language classes are tailored to learners of all ages and stages. Whether you’re looking for an early introduction or an intensive language program, we’ll meet your level of language and help you to advance during your time at Waldsee.

Ankunftstag (Arrival)

Guten Tag!

Your immersion into the language and culture of Germany, Austria and Switzerland begins right away as you present your CLV passport at Passkontrolle in order to cross through Zoll (customs). Every villager chooses a Waldsee name and is assigned a Haus where they live with other participants of the same gender and similar age. You will also exchange your dollars for Euros at the Bank.

Choosing a German name to use at Waldsee is fun. Here are several villagers and staff telling how they chose their Waldsee names.

Jeden Tag im Waldsee (Everyday in Waldsee)

Each day the staff will introduce a Frage des Tages, which will focus your language learning in an encouraging and motivating manner. You will have three sessions each day to practice and expand on what you have learned, so that you can apply it to natural speaking situations, such as managing your account in Euros at the Bank, purchasing a Cola or Gummibärchen at the kiosk, asking for directions or solving a mystery.


Even during meals, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more German. Are you prepared to debate the Artikel for a breakfast favorite, Nutella? Is it der Nutella (because you’re Austrian), die Nutella (most nouns ending in ”a” take the article, die), das Nutella (it is a foreign word) or simply la Nutella (it is an Italian food)?

Be prepared to laugh! Before each meal, a group will creatively present the Essensvorstellung to help us answer the question: Was essen wir? (What are we going to eat?)

Musik and Gesang

Musik is a wonderful part of German culture—not just Beethoven, Bach and Mozart but modern styles from Tokio Hotel, Die Toten Hosen and Die Prinzen to Madsen, Joy Denalane, die Ärzte or the Wise Guys. Musik fills our day at Waldsee—it's a great way to find out more about German culture, Germany history, young people and modern life. Einfach super!