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Celebration and Dance at Waldsee

Regional Festivals

German, Swiss and Austrian festivals are commonplace at Waldsee where you learn songs and dances to celebrate Karneval, the Bavarian Oktoberfest, or help raise a maypole at Maifest. You may even find yourself greeting Saint Nikolaus as you wander through the Weihnachtsmarkt or sampling Würstchen and Dönerkebab at a Swiss Schlagermöv party!


There is always activity on our beautiful waterfront. Have fun with water games at Neptunfest or Moomba, or try your luck getting past those sneaky Nordsee Piraten to dig up their buried treasure. Some days at Waldsee are filled with a themed adventure that will take the whole village on a wild Abenteuer!


Is your birthday in July? Are you curious what sort of traditions Waldsee has to help you celebrate your special day?

At Waldsee every birthday that falls during our programs is celebrated with a parade, delicious Kuchen, a party with your Haus, and, if you’d like, a celebratory blanket toss!