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Culture at Waldsee

Waldsee offers a unique and culturally-authentic blend of German, Austrian and Swiss foods and traditions for all villagers to experience. Every day is a cultural adventure! Try the Swiss chocolate game. Learn to fence. Practice archery a la Wilhelm Tell. Play Fussball with soccer coaches from Germany or play Mau-Mau at the Waldsee Café. Slide down our iceberg on the lake. Celebrate at a Strassenfest. Discover the fairy tale forest. Hide out in your own day camp tree house. Tempt your taste buds with Gummibären or homemade gelato. You and your friends will have fun and learn German along the way, naturally and with confidence!

Food at Waldsee

Waldsee's meals are served family style and snacks are provided throughout the day. The menu is authentic, varied, healthy and always delicious! Try fresh-baked Brötchen or a fresh Salat, delicacies such as Wienerschnitzel, Bratwurst or Rouladen, or even Schoki-Fondue. Order off the menu at a German restaurant or call for pizza delivery from our German-style pizzeria. You and your cabinmates can even make your own pizzas auf deutsch and win our Pizzaduell!

Celebration and Dance

German, Austrian and Swiss regional festivals play a big part in each country's cultural identity, and they are a big part of life at Waldsee. You might party down at Karneval, get swept away at a Strassenfest, chased by North Sea Piraten, or celebrate with König Neptun at a Wasserfest.

If you're still looking for more fun, try learning Waldsee's übercool dances: everything from traditional Volkstänze to upbeat Krocha! Bring your best dance moves because you'll have the chance to show them off at one of two International Days, when all of the Language Villages come to Waldsee for a cultural explosion.