Das Waldsee BioHaus

The Biohaus is uses solar and thermal energy to power appliances and equipment, as well as heat water! It uses 80 percent less energy than a building of comparable size.
The Waldsee BioHaus uses solar and thermal energy to power appliances, run equipment and heat water. It uses about 80 percent less energy than a comparable U.S. building.

Waldsee’s own BioHaus won the Minnesota Environmental Award for its cutting-edge approach to learning while living German. It’s a low-energy house in a high-energy program! Cook with magnets, harness solar power to cook your pizza or heat your shower. Conduct experiments and join the Green Revolution – auf deutsch, natürlich! Join our STEM skills high school credit program, Grüne Welle environmental adventure program or our Science Day Camp.

As an environmental living center, the Waldsee BioHaus showcases a cutting-edge approach to energy conservation and innovations in sustainable building design. Features include a Passivhaus standard building envelope, an extensive green roof, low impact and healthy building materials, simple building technology, use of alternative energy resources and low-energy-use appliances and equipment. It has won the Minnesota Environmental Initiative Award. Learn more about the Waldsee BioHaus.