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FC Waldsee German Adventure Program

Waldsee and Auf Ballhöhe, a German youth soccer organization, are cooperating with partner schools across the United States to offer young Americans the opportunity to train and learn with German soccer coaches. We are also pleased to be partnering with Lufthansa German Airlines to help our German coaches fly to Waldsee and work directly with Waldsee participants in our soccer adventure program. 

Germany is a world-class soccer powerhouse with seven World Cup and European Cup Championships. Have fun and gain a competitive edge by learning from these German Soccer Federation trained coaches.

The FC Waldsee soccer adventure program is open to villagers ages 10-18 who enroll in our regular two-week summer sessions; when they arrive at Waldsee they can choose the soccer adventure option. Those who are just starting out with German will focus on their soccer skills as they begin exploring the German language and the role of soccer in Germany and Europe. Villagers with more German knowledge will have the opportunity to apply and perfect their German skills on the soccer field.

Participants get a chance to earn a “German Soccer Federation/McDonalds Soccer Badge” and will receive a certificate and insignia upon completion of the program.

Read what the German Embassy had to say about our program.

Waldsee has also partnered with FC Bayern München, Germany’s leading professional soccer team, to offer the FC Bayern Youth Cup in some sessions as participants complete training and skill tests designed by specifically for the Youth Cup by the top players at FC Bayern.

View the FC Bayern Youth Cup 2013 Waldsee video on our Facebook page.