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Der Märchenwald German Adventure Program

The Märchenwald adventure program is one of several extensions to the Waldsee core curriculum.

As a participant in the Märchenwald adventure program, you can take on the role of a squire, a blacksmith, or a knight as you work your way through different professions of the German middle ages. You’ll learn about daily life and customs from the medieval period. You can help write and produce a theatrical piece based on a German saga or legend and perform it for the Village on a stage in the woods under torchlight.

Our forest of legends will take you back to medieval days where you can play medieval games and join a theatrical troupe! You might take on the identity of a medieval personage, make chain-mail, sword-fight (and sword dance!), design a coat-of-arms, do leatherwork and calligraphy, cook over the open fire and maybe even achieve knighthood.

Waldsee also offers a four-week high school credit Märchenwald adventure program.