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Adventure Programs at Waldsee

Adventure programs are designed within the two-week program to allow villagers to pursue special interests and concentrate their language learning. Check out our adventure programs in soccer, theater, environmental learning, radio, grammar and the Swiss culture and languages. Click on the link for each program below to learn more. 

​FC Waldsee

The FC Waldsee soccer adventure program is open to villagers ages 10-18 who enroll in our regular two-week summer sessions; when they arrive at Waldsee they can choose the soccer adventure option. Those who are just starting out with German will focus on their soccer skills as they begin exploring the German language and the role of soccer in Germany and Europe. Villagers with more German knowledge will have the opportunity to apply and perfect their German skills on the soccer field.

Die Grüne Welle

In the Grüne Welle, you can literally ride the “Green Wave” of environmental education and learn about sustainable living, environmental issues, and outdoor adventure. 

Die Kollegstufe

Villagers in the Kollegstufe work through the same questions of the day that form the basis of the core curriculum, but a greater emphasis is placed on learning through the use of texts and writing exercises.


Der Märchenwald

As a participant in the Märchenwald adventure program, you can take on the role of a squire, a blacksmith, or a knight as you work your way through different professions of the German middle ages. 


Develop your acting skills at das Stadttheater and explore the language and culture of stage theater in German-speaking Europe. You'll have an opportunity to present a villager-produced play at the end of the session.

Waldsee Digital

Would you like to learn how to use social media in German? Be a real DJ? Learn about the current music scene in Europe and put on your own radio show, broadcast live to the rest of the Village? If so, then check out what’s going on at Waldsee Digital this summer.


Live the languages and culture of Switzerland with Helvetia, Waldsee's Swiss adventure program. Helvetia offers a great experience to explore Swiss culture and gain exposure to Switzerland’s other two major languages – French and Italian – together with a sampling of Swiss cuisine.