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Activities at Waldsee

Learn why the Germans are
so good at fencing (Fechten).

Enhance your language skills with active learning! At the beach try Schwimmen and Kanufahren. On the field shoot a goal and hear your friends shout TOOOOR! At Worpswede, our very own artists' colony, test your leather-making skill or create a Buntglas stained glass piece of art. Work with clay on the wheel with Töpfern, or even sew a traditional Dirndl. There is so much to do.

Pedal out on a Radtour...

At Waldsee, you'll have plenty of fun activities to try out. You can navigate through das Matterhorn, our own language-immersion ropes course; visit our mystical Zwergensumpf, the dwarves’ swamp; learn German with all of your senses on sensory path, der Sinnespfad, or improve your athletic ability on the Trimm Dich Pfad.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in traditional summer camp favorites like Fuβball or Volleyball, test your biking skills with Radfahren, or head to the Bodensee for some swimming and canoeing.

...try Fun-Tubing...

Do you prefer a game of strategy over a test of strength? Test your chess skills and become a master of Riesenschach. If you're a table tennis pro or enjoy a game of Kicker, you'll enjoy a variety of Tischspiele, sometimes even in giant form!

Come to the Waldsee Kino to watch a film. Waldsee has an extensive video library full of comedies, dramas and cartoon films, all in German!

Bake Lebkuchen cookies or cook up a delicious batch of Schokoladenfondue in the Waldsee BioHaus. Yum!

...or cool off on the Schwiminsel on the lake.



In Worpswede, our artists colony, if you can dream it up, you can make it! Come paint a wall mural or decorate your Namensschild (nametag), join a ceramics class in the Töpfernhaus or construct a beautiful piece of Buntglas (stained glass).

Evening Programs

The story of Wilhelm.

Our evening programs are the last big adventure of the day! The program may start with a lesson from German Literatur or Musik, but suddenly it bursts into an epic game of chance, skill and luck. Sometimes it really does take a village to rescue the Prinzessin from an evil sorcerer, locate the pirates' hidden Schatz, or save Wilhelm Tell!

Many games have a historical or global themes and challenge older villagers to think about their actions and what consequences they may have. You may become a diplomat and negotiate Germany's unification. You and your friends could create your own culture or become an Ambassador to another Language Village. You may even find yourself opening the Iron Curtain, knocking down the Berliner Mauer and discuss other walls still to fall in our world.

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