Specialty Programs at Lac du Bois


Afrique! provides an in-depth look at the French-speaking cultures of West Africa, focusing on daily life, customs, songs, dances, legends and ceremonies. Villagers who participate in Afrique! will learn more about what it’s like to live in French West Africa today, from the climate and customs to the duality created by Africa’s modern cities and rural villages. Afrique! is offered at both our Hackensack and Bemidji locations. If you have attended Lac du Bois previously and have an intermediate language level, you have the option of choosing this program on the opening day of your Lac du Bois session. Offered during FB12, FB32, FB52, FB72 and FB92 as well as FH42.

Aventure Nature

A day of canoe instruction.

Incorporating outdoor living skills with language-learning adventures, Aventure Nature is offered through our French Language Village in Hackensack, Minn.

Nestled between two Minnesota lakes and sharing a border with the Chippewa State Forest, the Lac du Bois, Hackensack site is perfect for developing camping and canoeing skills and exploring nature and culture in French. The Aventure Nature program is co-ed for villagers who are at least 10 years old, who complete the 10-minute swimming test, and who have an intermediate language level. You can sign up on opening day. Offered during FH22, FH42, FH62 and FH82