About our Site-Camp Holiday

Situated between two beautiful lakes and surrounded by protected state and national forests, our site provides a classic summer camp experience and an immersion in nature.  Our cozy cabins are electricity-free, allowing villagers to wake up to the sunrise and fall asleep to the sounds of birdsong.

Each cabin is home to a small group of villagers (between five and ten) and two moniteurs or monitrices. Cabin mates, with the guidance and encouragement of their monos, support each other as they take on new challenges in the village. If a villager is nervous trying a new food, jumping into the lake, or speaking French in front of a group, their cabin mates are always there to back them up! Cabins are often the start of rewarding lifelong friendships.

There is no pavement at Lac du Bois-Hackensack; all our roads and trails are packed earth, and they’re great for a game of petanque or spotting animal tracks. They can get muddy in the rain, so be sure to bring good shoes!

And don’t forget your maillot de bain (swimsuit)! Nestled between two lakes, our site has two active waterfronts: one small “plunge pool” next to our wood-burning sauna on Man Lake, and the spectacular plage on Baby Lake that is the heart of our camp. Villagers can get clean in the mornings either in a hot shower or an even hotter sauna, or they can sleep in and bring a bottle of biodegradable soap down to the beach in the afternoon instead!

Since we live dans la nature, sometimes we also live sous la pluie (in the rain)! On days when the weather is bad, we move our activities indoors, light a fire in the fireplace, and keep on learning French and having fun! A good impermeable (rain jacket) and some long pants are all you need to stay warm and cozy on wet days.

Camp Holiday has been in use as a summer camp since the 1923, and we couldn’t be prouder to continue the tradition of living and learning in the beautiful North Woods.