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Cuisine at our French Language Villages

Food at Lac du Bois is a culinary adventure around the French-speaking world. Learn more about food at Lac du Bois.

The menu at Les Voyageurs is inspired by the historical French-speaking Canadian tradition and by indigenous cuisine. Learn more about food at Les Voyageurs.

Food at Lac du Bois

Une entrée culturelle

Meals at Lac du Bois are flavorful culinary escapades throughout la francophonieles crèpes from Bretagne, le riz à l’indienne from Madagascar or la poutine from Canada.  Our talented cuisiniers work tirelessly to bring you a variety of culturally authentic foods from around the world, while our counselors are always on-hand to answer questions about ingredients, dishes, and the culinary traditions of the French-speaking world.   From chocolat chaud and croissants at breakfast to gâteau breton for dessert, there’s plenty to eat and plenty to learn at Lac du Bois.

At Lac du Bois, our daily menus bring to life our daily cultural themes, for example:

Petit déjeuner (any theme):

  • Muesli with brown sugar and raisins
  • Brioche with nutella, jam and butter
  • Melon
  • Juice

Déjeuner (Vietnamese or Asian theme):

  • Vietnamese roasted chicken
  • Fried rice
  • Sautéed spinach with soy and ginger
  • Homemade coconut lime sorbet

Dîner (Southern French theme):

  • Ratatouille
  • Rice
  • Salade Niçoise
  • Fougasse
  • Lentil Salad
  • Tarte au Citron

Les ingrédients

Freshly baked baguettes are a part of
daily life at Lac du Bois.

At Lac du Bois, our food isn’t just delicious: each meal is carefully designed to keep villagers healthy and energized throughout a busy day of activities. The kitchen at Lac du Bois is prepared to accommodate a range of dietary requests while still preserving the authenticity of the recipe.  Additionally, our chefs take pride in always using fresh ingredients and in shopping locally whenever possible, and our baked goods are prepared fresh on-site. 

La culture à table

Sharing meals is an integral part of a Concordia Language Villages experience, and nowhere more so than at Lac du Bois. Meals are all served family-style, and serve as an important opportunity to get to know other people in the Lac du Bois community. You’ll discuss the food and its ingredients, the day’s theme and activities, and anything else that interests you…all en français, of course! Whether you’re eating with your cabin, with your famille, or just with your friends, meals are a great time to practice conversational French! 

Les activités de cuisine

Our kitchen staff aren’t the only ones cooking at Lac du Bois! Villagers can participate in a variety of food-based activities: you can buy authentic French candy at la confiserie, try your hand at making crêpes, or taste-test Senegalese thé à la menthe. For a weekend snack, you might make pizza or des bagels style Montréal in our brick oven – the opportunities are endless!  


Food at Les Voyageurs

Meals at Les Voyageurs are cooked over an open fire; villagers learn hands on how to prepare hearty meals outdoors at our site.

While at base camp we enjoy fur trade dishes inspired by the French Canadian and native traditions: mahnomen in Ojibway or riz sauvage in French (wild rice), saumon fumé (smoked salmon), bannique à la canella (Banock with cinnamon.) For the trip into Voyageurs National Park or the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, we bring foods from the Language Villages’ pantry that can be transported to the backcountry: hummus, re-fried beans and pasta, for example.

Here are a few sample meals chez Les Voyageurs:

Petit déjeuner:

  • Hot chocolate (by the campfire)
  • Scrambled eggs (over the fire)
  • Fresh bread (from Norwegian or French baker) with jam and butter
  • Fresh berries


  • Make your own sandwich
  • Roubabou (traditional split pea soup)
  • Hearty Voyageur cookies


  • Soup with salmon, wild rice, and vegetables
  • Galette autochtone (traditional corn pancakes)
  • Fresh bread and butter
  • Biscotti (from Italian baker)