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Activities at our French Language Villages

From le batik to le yoga, villagers at Lac du Bois have an abundance of choices for les activités. Villagers learn French through sports and games, drama and cinema and arts and crafts at Lac du Bois.

Activités at Les Voyageurs include historical voyageurs game and crafts: balance games, dice games, wood carving, birch bark baskets, working with leather, and building camp shelters. You'll also learn traditional wilderness survival skills, like how to pitch a tent, split logs, cook over an open fire, tip and rescue a canoe, or build a fire. Learn more about all the adventures that await you at Les Voyageurs

Les Voyageurs villagers enjoying a dice game.

Sports and Games at Lac du Bois

Have fun while staying active! Try l’activité triathlon, le foot (soccer) or maybe even le tir à l’arc (archery)! You can also try a variety of traditional francophone games, including les échecs et les dames (chess and checkers), la pétanque, or some jeux de société (board games). There will also be time for traditional camp activities, such as swimming and activité canoë, where you’re sure to learn the word for paddle (la pagaie) and how to maneuver a canoe.

Drama and Cinema at Lac du Bois

Theatre plays an important role in the daily life of the village; from meal skits to live soap operas, drama can get you learning, laughing and speaking French. You might learn about cinema français during an evening program or an activity, or you might take the stage during a skit or meal presentation. During a soirée cinema, the whole village can enjoy a French or Francophone film.

Arts and Crafts at Lac du Bois

Villagers can take advantage of arts and crafts program offerings both during passetemps/ateliers (directed activities) and during afternoon free time. Directed activities that take place in Beaux Arts can include le batikles bracelets, les dessins (drawings), les masques africains (African masks), African pottery, print-making, kite-making, nature sculpture, making rhythm instruments and more. Additionally, activities offered during afternoon free time might include painting, nature rubbings, nametags, candles, tie-dye, friendship bracelets, buttons and more! Our activities change from year to year as our counseling staff changes, so there’s always more art to create at Lac du Bois