About Lac du Bois French Academic Year Programs

What People are Saying about Lac du Bois Academic Year Programs: 

Lac du Bois is an amazing opportunity for my students. The staff has infallible patience and energy. Four of my students are here for a second time! That speaks volumes about the work the staff does.”

J’adore manger au Lac du Bois

“The staff is patient, kind and fun! They show the students that it is ok to be silly and that they’ll learn more if they can relax and forget their inhibitions”

“Kids were learning regardless—even when they didn’t know it”

“I learned more French in the 4 days I spent at Lac du Bois than in all of my previous years at school.”

“I saw students using French and enjoying it. Many of these were students I never thought I would see ever using French.”

“The staff engages the students at every turn, transition, and class—they make the learning fun while having high expectations of the participants.”

“I was touched by the depth and feeling that Francois and all the counselors imbued. The feeling at times, actually most of the time, was spiritual and not just an intellectual exercise. I had a lovely and meaningful camp experience.”

What would you tell a kid who is about to come - will they will enjoy ?

“The food! The activities! The people! The atmosphere!”

“You learn a lot of pronunciation and new words”

“It’s full of le Français. You will learn a lot and it is French class fun x10!”

What would you tell a teacher team who is thinking about coming to CLV, their students will get out of a similar program?

“Such an experience will engage your students in a way that no singular class ever could.”

“An amazing language experience in a secure environment and a lot of fun!”

What are you going to tell your parents you did this weekend?

“That it was a fun weekend that I will never forget”

“Spoke French, ate awesome food, and learned some seriously amazing activities”

“I learned a lot of French, got to meet new people, try new food and learn about French culture”

What helped you learn French at Lac du Bois?

“The patient people”

“The total immersion in the language. I really liked that part.”

“Hearing French, seeing the hand gestures and then making connections.”

“All the counselors speaking French all the time.”

“The songs and the activities.”

Things you learned about la vie des voyageurs et la traite des fourrures:

“Many things such as what they traded, how they traded, how they ate and cooked, how they dressed and much, much more”

“Their history, their way of life and the songs they sang”