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Sports and Activities at Salolampi

From the moment you arrive at Salolampi, Finnish will be incorporated into every daily activity—from summer camp favorites to culturally authentic Finnish activities like mölkky or pesäpallo (Finnish style baseball). Personalized, hands-on learning activities give you fun opportunities to learn and practice new vocabulary as native and expert speakers introduce you to modern Finland.

Your time at Salolampi's beautiful, wooded lakefront site will give you the chance to live like the Finns, who typically spend a lot of time outdoors. We offer a

variety of choices to please every taste and we never get bored! You’ll have opportunities to swim, play soccer, walk the nature trails and try a variety of arts and crafts. You’ll also enjoy trying your hand at tuohityö (birch bark crafts) or kankaan kudonta (loom weaving). 

Salolampi villagers also love following the popular Finnish practice of enjoying the village’s sauna, followed by a plunge into Turtle River Lake.