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Music at Salolampi

Finland is a land of music and we celebrate this rich tradition each day at Salolampi! You’ll have opportunities to sing Finnish songs, learn about Finnish music, and learn some traditional folk dances.





Villagers have a chance to showcase their talents in guitar, violin, drums and more! Many villagers even learn to play the kantele, a traditional Finnish instrument.

History of Finnish Music

From folk to classical music, conductors to orchestras, Finland has a rich history of music. Much like other parts of the world, there are festivals for all types of music. There are several folk music festivals each year as well as festivals for opera, classical music, rock and jazz.
Finland has contributed greatly to the classical music world. One of the most famous composers native to Finland is Jean Sibelius. Sibelius is known for his Vocal Symphony, and Finlandia, a piece dedicated to his native land. Many other successful Finnish orchestras, choirs, and conductors have come from this great country.
Finland’s rich history of folk music originates from the ancient storytellers, the Sámi people of the north, the Nordic traditions of the west, and the Karelian songs of the east.

Chords and Lyrics - here are some songs (with chords) that we enjoy singing at Salolampi!