Music at Salolampi

Finland is a land of music. At Salolampi, we celebrate this rich tradition each day! You’ll have opportunities to sing Finnish songs, learn about Finnish music—even learn traditional Finnish folk dancing at the tanssilava (pavilion).

Salolampi villagers perform the nuuskapolkka on talent night.

You might even learn to play a Finnish instrument, like the kantele, which is one of the most well-known traditional Finnish instruments.

Click below to find the songs we enjoy at Salolampi with chords and to download all the song lyrics as a document.

History of Finnish Music

Folk music originates from the ancient storytellers, the Sámi people of the north, the Nordic traditions of the west, and the Karelian songs of the east. There are several folk music festivals each year, as well as festivals for opera, classical music, rock and jazz, reflecting the forms of music popular among the Finns.

Finland has contributed greatly to the classical music world. One of the most famous composers native to Finland is Jean Sibelius. Sibelius is known for his Vocal Symphony, and Finlandia, a piece dedicated to his native land. Finland is known for its many orchestras and choirs, and Finnish conductors lead orchestras throughout the world.