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Meals at Salolampi

Salolampi meals are made with fresh ingredients, served family style and feature typical Finnish cuisine like fish, meat, berries and vegetables. Dairy products are popular in Finland and modern Finnish cuisine offers a lot of healthy vegetables. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are available at many meals—including breakfast!

You’ll start your day with a breakfast buffet, similar to those offered in Finnish hotels or the first time you meet your long lost relatives. There’s something to please every palate in this energizing morning meal, including a variety of breads, cheeses and meat slices, fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, eggs, yogurt and granola.

At lunch and dinner, you will get a taste of typical foods including a variety of soups and stews, meat or vegetable pastries and casseroles. Finnish favorites such as pannukakku, a Finnish oven pancake, and karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pastries, among other treats served as dessert.

Special Dietary Requests

If you have food allergies, are vegetarian, or have other special dietary needs, just let us know. The chefs at Salolampi will be happy to provide authentic and delicious meals that suit your needs, and your counselors will be there to help you.

Try a Recipe at Home

Want to try out authentic cuisine in your own kitchen? Check out this recipe for Pulla here.