Festivities at Salolampi

We love to celebrate at Salolampi —no matter what the time of year. In addition to kesämökkipäivä (summer cabin day), we enjoy several other festive occasions each summer.

Juhannus (Midsummer)

As a villager, you’ll get to experience the classic summer holiday juhannus, or Finnish Midsummer. What better way to celebrate than with a fancy dinner? Everyone dresses up and enjoys a top-notch meal prepared by the kitchen. The evening often ends with a dance, where new and old songs are played and villagers get to show off their moves.

Joulu (Christmas)

Here at Salolampi we celebrate Christmas—even in July! In the evening, villagers participate in our very own kuusijuhla, which is a traditional Christmas party done in schools. We decorate, sing songs and even dance around the Christmas tree!