Academic Year Family Programs


Check-In Time: 5:30 PM or 6:30 PM  (depending on village)

Ending Program: Around 11am (depending on village)

Family Fun Weekends

Family Fun Weekends begin on either Thursday or Friday evenings and last through brunch on Sunday or Monday. They provide an excellent introduction to language and culture for beginning learners, as well as a great way to practice existing language skills for more advanced speakers. These programs are held in the fall, winter and early spring months at our facilities near Bemidji, MN.


Our families come from around the United States and Canada to experience language and culture at Concordia Language Villages. Many of our families are looking for a way to introduce language learning to their children or grandchildren. For some, the language is part of their heritage, while other families may be preparing for a trip abroad. A lot of families see the Family Weekend programs as a ‘learning vacation’, where all members of the family enjoy the unique combination of recreation and instruction. The Family programs are also a great way to get language learners of any age to become familiar with the Language Villages. Many of our participants return to the summer youth program and adult weeks.

Language Learning

Family Fun Weekends are considered exploratory programs providing learners with the opportunity to interact with others using the target language. This kind of real communication is impossible to replicate by using a text book or computer program. At the same time, participants learn about the culture and traditions of the nations where the language is spoken. We strive to meet language learners at their individual developmental and linguistic levels.

Language sessions will be separate for children and adults; they are also divided by language ability. Activities like sports, crafts and cooking can be attended by both children and adults as a family or separately, depending on interest. Younger children may need a parent to accompany them. This may affect the extent to which that parent can focus on truly engaging in an individual language learning process. 

Our staff is trained to express themselves in a variety of ways to help language learners understand the context of what is being communicated. As part of the immersion setting, the staff will focus primarily on the target language. You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn and how comfortable you will be after just one day in the program, even if you have never been exposed to the language before!


We do various activities through large and small group activities. While the waterfront will not be open, we invite families to enjoy seasonal activities including nature walks, snow sculpting, skiing, snowshoeing and/or biking. (For the latter three, equipment must be either rented or brought to the Family Fun Weekend.)


Participants live in winterized residential facilities. We typically house 2-4 families together in within a cabin or residential facility. Each of the residential facilities has toilets, sinks and showers in the building. Staff and leaders are housed separately. Parents are responsible for their own children. 


The cuisine at Concordia Language Villages is culturally authentic.  Be prepared to try new dishes from around the world.  Our staff will join you at meals to help you continue to use the target language during your mealtime. We can accommodate many dietary restrictions and you can note that on their Health Forms.


Families are responsible for arranging transportation to the Family Fun Weekend program. Most families will drive themselves to Bemidji. You may also choose to fly into Bemidji, Minnesota. Our staff will be happy to pick you up and return you to the Bemidji Regional Airport for a nominal fee. You will fill out a Transportation form before your arrival.


Packing lists are unique to each program during the academic year. Your dean will send you the packing list before your session.

Sample Day: 

7:30 Good Morning!
8:15  Breakfast
9:00  Morning Flagpole Circle
9:15 Village Activity
10:00  Language Lessons
10:45 Fruit Break
11:00 First Activity
12:00  language Lessons
12:45 Dining Room Set Up
13:00  Lunch
14:15 Cabin Time
15:15 Cultural Presentation
16:00 Large Break
17:15 Second Activity
18:15  Village Singing Time
18:45 Dinner
19:45  Evening Program, Village Singing Time
21:30 Recap of the day
21:45 Cabin Time
22:00 Goodnight!