Family Programs

Join us for a global learning vacation for the entire family—right here at home! Request more information.

Our summer family weeks and academic year family weekends are a great way to spend time together, discover new international foods, play games, make crafts, enjoy music and take part in some old-fashioned outdoor fun. And while you’re all busy having such a good time, you’ll experience together the wonder of speaking a new language through our fun and natural immersion environment. Why not invite aunts, uncles and grandparents, too?

Family programs offer great preparation for a family trip abroad or for a child’s summer experience at the Villages. Explore family heritage or learn about an entirely new culture! The best part is simply being together in a beautiful setting where you can reinforce the importance of being a good citizen in our global community.

Learning together and apart

Adults and children spend time together at meals, evening programs, or while dancing, singing and enjoying the outdoors. There are also special times set aside where kids get to be kids together: learning language through fun songs, games and play while the adults take a language or culture class, learn a new craft or visit with new friends. Language Village counselors are trained and have become renowned for their skill, professionalism and competence in addressing learners at any level.

Locations and Lodging

Our family summer weeks are held at various Language Village locations throughout Minnesota. Family weekends during the academic year are held at our International Retreat Center near Bemidji, Minn. Families stay with other like families in cabins with shared bathrooms. Delicious homemade meals are served family style. We also serve regular snacks and homemade baked goods authentic to the culture in which you are immersed. We can accommodate vegetarians and villagers with food allergies.



Family weekends start at 5:30 p.m. and end at 11 a.m. *specific program times will be noted in the program welcome letter*