Learning Language at Collegetown Prep

We believe that language-learning is at its best when taken out of the classroom and placed into the real world. As a result, most lessons take place in the guise of various activities: song-learning sessions, meal presentations, skits, open-mic opportunities, field trips, community excursions, and evening programs, to name a few.

The daily schedule  has been designed to facilitate the learning and use of English in order to communicate, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the local and global community in which the villagers live. English is our shared language, and the language that we use to learn more about one another and our home countries and cultures. Both villagers and staff have the opportunity to really broaden their cultural horizons and become true global citizens!

During the two-week session, Collegetown Prep students take two "formal" courses, CTP 101 and CTP 103, as well as numerous elective classes and dozens of informal learning opportunities. To read more about these courses, visit our course descriptions page