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Biking at Skovsøen

Optional Adventure Program

De Cyklende Danskere (The Biking Danes) is an optional adventure program for villagers ages 13-18 with beginning to advanced Danish language skills.

Cycling culture is an important part of the Danish lifestyle, whether you live in the city or the country. But Danes especially love to be out in naturen (nature), so Skovsøen offers a group bicycling trip. If you participate, you’ll be able to explore the countryside surrounding Skovsøen, riding on the Paul Bunyan trail. Learn about Danish cycling culture and stay overnight at Bemidji State Park, including cooking traditional campfire foods such as pølse and snobrød – all while improving your Danish language skills.

The Paul Bunyan Trail and connecting routes offer a safe environment for participants to foster a life-long connection to language learning and bicycling culture. The beautiful scenery along the forest bike trails makes the trip a favorite adventure for villagers at Skovsøen.