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Activities at Skovsøen

No matter which Skovsøen program you attend, you’ll be enthusiastically welcomed —in Danish! — by our friendly and knowledgeable counselors. They will help you pass through “customs,” select a Danish name to use for your time at Skovsøen, and make a personalized navneskilt (nametag) to wear around your neck during your stay.

Whether you speak Danish almost fluently at home or if you are brand-new to this beautiful language, we will make sure you impress yourself with the leaps and bounds your skills will take while you’re here. Our goal is to provide an environment in which you find the courage and confidence to explore Danish language and culture. We will use gestures, repetition, songs and games to make sure you know what to do, where to go, and what’s going on from the moment you arrive.

You’ll have opportunities to sing Danish songs and learn about Danish music. Our outdoor activities include canoeing, hiking, swimming, fishing, water games, volleyball, soccer, cycling and traditional Danish games such as kubb and rundbold.

We offer a variety of activities to please every taste, so there’s something for everyone!