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Why Learn Chinese

Facts about the Chinese Language

The Great Wall of China.

Chinese civilization has a long history and is rich with world-altering achievements, including the invention of the compass, the creation of papermaking techniques and the construction of the Great Wall of China, which is 4,120 miles long.

Chinese is spoken by more than a billion people, making it the world’s most widely used language. Today, an estimated one out of every five people on the planet speaks Chinese. Chinese is the official language of the People’s Republic of China and its two special administrative regions: Hong Kong and Macau. It is also widely spoken in Trinidad and Tobago, Vietnam, Malaysia, Northern Marianas Islands, Palau, Singapore, Australia, Brunei and Christmas Island. More than 5 million people in North and South America speak Chinese.

Concordia Language Villages has taught language and cultural immersion for more than 50 years. Chinese language instruction is offered to learners of all ages and skill levels. We introduced the Chinese Language Village, Sēn Lín Hú, in 1984. Since that time, it has grown to be one of our most popular programs.