Our Site: Al-Wāḥa

At the Arabic Language Village, cabins are nestled in the woods along paved trails that connect your cabin to the rest of the Village. Although it is located at the Norwegian Language Village site, Al-Wāḥa offers its own amenities and realia to make the site feel as authentic as possible.

Up to 13 villagers and three counselors reside in each cozy cabin, with separate cabins for boys and girls. Small rooms within each cabin offer friendly spaces to get to know one another. Please pack wisely as there is limited storage space. Private restroom and shower facilities are located within each cabin.


• A traditional lake-side camp setting
• Dining hall with group meeting space
• Gym and activity space in another building


Minnesota is typical of a continental climate. The North Woods of Minnesota experiences the widest variety of weather in the United States. Each of the four seasons has its own distinct characteristics. Although summers are generally hot and humid, it is normal to experience rain showers, thunderstorms and cool nights. Summer temperatures average 85 F but can get down to 55 F.