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Music & Dance at Al-Wāḥa

Belly Dancing الرقص الشرقي

Villagers have fun learning the art of belly dancing.

Villagers have enjoyed belly dance--or ruqs al-sharqi--for several years now, and incorporate phrases and important terminology, such as likeamam (front), khelf (back), yemin (right) and yasaar (left) among many others. Villagers will also use scarves and costumes, as they experiment with different forms and moves! 


Music الموسيقى

Music across the Middle East is rich and varied, and we do our best to expose our students to a variety of genres--and get them learning! Drumming on the tabla is very popular, but we try to incorporate any of the musical instruments you might decide to bring with you!

Villagers perform on the last day of their activity during song time.