Swedish Language Village

At Sjölunden, our Swedish language immersion program, you’ll experience a taste of Sweden right in the Northwoods of Minnesota.

Swedish Language Village

Learn Swedish

Experience Swedish Language and Culture!

Our Swedish language immersion camp gives our participants the opportunity to practice listening, speaking and thinking in Swedish as they take part in daily cultural activities.


Scholarships Available!

Need-based scholarships are available for Swedish summer youth immersion sessions through the Passport Fund. Scholarships are based on a family’s adjusted gross income, number of dependents, and the length of the session. For more information on scholarships, please visit ConcordiaLanguageVillages.org/scholarships

Authentic Cuisine

<p><i>Pannkakstårtor med svenska flaggor </i>(pancake cakes with Swedish flags).</p>

Pannkakstårtor med svenska flaggor (pancake cakes with Swedish flags).

Authentic Cuisine

Sample traditional Swedish food as well as international cuisine enjoyed in modern Sweden. Köttbullar (meatballs), västkustsallad (west coast seafood salad), ärtsoppa och pannkakor (pea soup followed by everyone’s favorite: pancakes), and lussekatter (Lucia buns) are a few examples of traditional Swedish fare. Swedes enjoy food from around the world, so don’t be surprised if pizza or pad thai show up on the menu. Learn more about Swedish food at Sjölunden.


<p>Two villagers and an instructor rigging the sailboat for an afternoon of sailing.</p>

Two villagers and an instructor rigging the sailboat for an afternoon of sailing.


Swedes take advantage of the long summer days by spending time outdoors, and sailing is a favorite activity. With our fleet of five sunfish boats and experienced instructors, villagers can learn to sail while learning Swedish. Feel the wind in your hair as you glide across the water and finish with a quick dip in the lake. Learn more about sailing at Sjölunden.


<p>Credit villagers using floor looms to weave rag rugs.</p>

Credit villagers using floor looms to weave rag rugs.


Sweden is known for its handicrafts and we offer villagers a wide range of creative activities. Vävning (weaving) is offered in our weaving studio across a variety of traditional and modern floor and table looms. Villagers can also sample dalmålning (folk painting), täljning (whittling), ljusstöpning (candle dipping) and many other craft activities. Learn more about Swedish crafts at Sjölunden.


<p><i>Allsång</i> (singing time) in our outdoor dance pavilion.</p>

Allsång (singing time) in our outdoor dance pavilion.


Did you know that Sweden is the third largest music exporter in the world, after the US and the UK? At Sjölunden, we fill our days with song, including anything by ABBA, modern hits that topped the US charts (The Hives, Peter Bjorn and John, The Ark), and even some traditional folk tunes. You’ll hear music in your cabin, in the dining hall, and during Allsång (song time). Learn more about Swedish music at Sjölunden.


<p>Credit villagers dressed up as <i>Sankta Lucia</i> and her attendants ready to deliver fresh baked <i>lussekatter </i>(Lucia buns) to sleeping villagers and surprise them with songs.</p>

Credit villagers dressed up as Sankta Lucia and her attendants ready to deliver fresh baked lussekatter (Lucia buns) to sleeping villagers and surprise them with songs.


Celebrate with us! Every summer we celebrate a full year of Swedish holidays. Enjoy a traditional julbord (Christmas feast) and expect a visit from Sankta Lucia (St. Lucia), who comes bearing lussekatter (St. Lucia buns). You may experience a påskmarknad (Easter market) or get invited to a kräftskiva (crayfish party). Swedes love to celebrate and so do we! Learn more about celebrating Swedish holidays at Sjölunden.


Day Camps

Swedish Family Programs

Unplug and spend quality vacation time relaxing and laughing in another language with your family during a Swedish ​Family Fun Weekend or Family Week, or try our NEW Nordic Family Week!

Meet the Dean

The dean is the on-site director of the Language Village. Emily Kajsa Pyenson is dean of Sjölunden, the Swedish Language Village. She has been on staff at Concordia Language Villages since 2000 and was a villager for seven years. She is fluent in Swedish and has studied Swahili, Polish and German.

Why Learn Swedish?

There are many reasons to learn Swedish! There are more than 10 million speakers of Swedish worldwide. Knowing Swedish helps you connect with Swedes living around the world, as well as with speakers of Norwegian and Danish.