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Terms & Conditions


In registering for our programs, the signer understands and agrees with the Concordia Language Villages registration, participation and cancellation policies below. Concordia Language Villages reserves the right at any time to alter the terms and regulations and other conditions stated below, within the Handbook and within other literature printed by Concordia Language Villages.

Please print a copy of the Terms and Conditions for your records. 


Essential Functions: Given our mission, and the program that has been designed to support that mission, a villager should be able to:

Residential programs:

  • Meet their personal needs such as getting dressed, showering and eating;
  • Move independently from place to place; and
  • Effectively interact in our group-based and communal living environment.

Villagers in residential programs will share a bedroom with several other people of similar age and gender and be expected to effectively interact with others to accomplish a variety of program goals, from establishing cabin rules to creating skits to maintaining emotional resilience in our language immersion setting. These developmental markers are critical to the villager experience.

We are not able to guarantee an environment that is free of aerosolized allergens. Please contact Health Services to address specific concerns or questions regarding allergies before registering at 218-586-8771.

Virtual programs:

  • Effectively interact in our group-based online environment; 
  • Follow standard etiquette rules of participation; and  
  • Have access to resources necessary for e-learning (e.g. reliable internet access, access to a device per villager with a webcam and microphone) and any individual adaptive devices needed.  

Residential and Virtual programs: We want to partner with you to ensure our Language Villages are an appropriate fit for your child and that our staff are best prepared to assist with your child's needs. Information that must be included in the ‘High School Credit Questionnaire and/or Getting to Know your Villager’ form includes:

  • 504/IEP accommodations relevant to e-learning, learning or communal living
  • Disability/accessibility issues relevant to e-learning, learning or communal living
  • Significant mental, emotional or social diagnosis
  • If the villager has had a significant life event that continues to affect the villager’s life
  • Gender identity and pronouns

Our program may not be a good fit for some people with a mental/emotional health diagnosis, especially those needing time alone (away from others). The Language Villages is not a therapeutic program; it’s a busy, fun, noisy environment from start to finish. If you have a concern, please contact Health Services prior to registering. For villagers enrolled in Summer Programs (June – August): Villager Health Forms must be completed and returned to our Health Services office by May 1) or, for late enrollments, three weeks prior to the session. Information is shared with staff only on a need-to-know basis. Villagers are expected to arrive healthy and able to participate. We reserve the right not to admit a person who poses a communicable illness threat.

Specific questions or issues can be addressed on a case-by-case situation, but having these discussions before starting the program allows us to better understand your child’s needs and discuss the suitability of our residential or virtual programs.

Should there be a question about a person’s ability to meet these expectations, please call Registration or Health Services, as applicable.

Health and Wellness: Expectations for Attendance and Participation:

Concordia Language Villages' commitment to the health and safety of its participants and staff includes a year-round Health and Wellness team that monitors health developments and guidance that supports procedures that retain the CLVway while creating the safest environment possible. You may find our latest residential guidelines here.  As of September 1, 2021, Concordia Language Villages requires that all eligible participants provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. We will be unable to grant exemptions to our vaccine policy. Please contact health@cord.edu for more information.  Concordia Language Villages operates under the guidance of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Camp Association (ACA) and our local authorities.

PAYMENTS, CANCELLATIONS and REFUNDS (Summer programs only)

Fees for sessions are divided into two parts, a registration fee and a tuition fee, each of which has a separate cancellation policy:

Registration fee: Offsets some but not all of the fixed and unrecoverable expenses we incur to plan and prepare to offer a program and is refundable within 72 hours from the date of registration, but not after.

Tuition fees: May be refundable based on the terms outlined below. 

All fees must be paid by June 1. If registered after June 1, full payment is required at the time of registration. Registration fees are non-refundable. Cancellations and registrations are considered received in our office by referring to the postmark date or timestamp of your e-mail or fax.

Prior to May 1: If cancellation is received prior to May 1, a 100% percent refund of paid tuition and transportation fees, less the non-refundable registration fee, will be given. Upon cancellation, all discounts will be forfeited.

May 1 through May 31: If a cancellation is made between May 1 and May 31, a refund of fifty percent (50%) of the paid tuition and transportation fees, less the non-refundable registration fee, will be given. Upon cancellation, all discounts will be forfeited. All remaining tuition and transportation balances will still be due.

June 1 and after: If a cancellation is received on or after June 1, no refunds will be given. Villagers who do not report to a session will not receive a refund. 

No tuition adjustment is made for late arrival, early departure or dismissal from camp. A $25 transfer fee will be charged for all session changes made June 1 and after. Any credit balance under $5 will not be refunded unless specifically requested.

If you have a dispute regarding the cancellation policy, contact Concordia Language Villages Registration within 30 days of your session cancellation. Villagers sent home due to disciplinary reasons, homesickness or inability to manage pre-existing medical, mental, emotional or social health conditions will not receive a refund. 

We reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any program without notice. Concordia Language Villages is not responsible for costs incurred by a participant in preparing for a program that has been altered or canceled.

CANCELLATION/INTERRUPTION INSURANCE (Summer youth programs only): Concordia Language Villages offers the purchase of a protection plan available during registration through CampMinder. More information and purchase available in camper application. 

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Registration Agreement, in the event that the performance of any obligation under this agreement by Concordia Language Villages is prevented, made impossible, unlawful or infeasible by unpredictable or unforeseen events, Concordia Language Villages shall not be responsible to the other party for failure or delay in performance of its obligations under this registration agreement. Such Force Majeure events are those unpredictable and unforeseeable events beyond the control of Concordia Language Villages, including but not limited to 1) acts of God or natural disasters such as earthquake, tornado, windstorm, snowstorm, flood, fire, 2) riot, insurrection, or other manner of civil disorder, 3) terrorism either foreign or domestic, 4) criminal act, 5) failure or stoppage of energy or other utility services, 6) government orders or restrictions, 7) disease, epidemic or pandemic such as COVID-19. Concordia Language Villages will notify the affected parties of the force majeure condition. Concordia Language Villages will use reasonable efforts to fulfill its obligations, and has sole responsibility to determine appropriate response to the force majeure condition.