Lead with Languages Scholarship*

Concordia Language Villages is pleased to be a sponsor of Lead with Languages, a national campaign that is focused on promoting  language learning to students, parents and others who influence language leaners. Learning a language can be fun and exciting, and languages are a highly sought-after skill in a variety of careers.

We want you to immerse yourself in language learning, so we are awarding (25) $1,000 Lead with Languages scholarships so that you can attend a summer youth immersion program at Concordia Language Villages this summer.  You may choose a two- or four-week session in any of the 15 different languages offered: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

To enter the competition, participants are required to submit a video of up to 30 seconds that answers the question, "Why is learning [insert the specific language you are interested in] important to me? " as well as complete the application below.

Selection of the most compelling videos will be paired with demonstration of financial need. Financial need is determined by the family's reported gross income (AGI) and number of dependents. All applications will be considered. Applicants with an AGI below $100,000 will be given priority consideration. All applicants must be registered and pay a deposit for a 2018 two-week or four-week summer youth session.

The application deadline is April 10, 2018. Scholarship award letters will be mailed by May 1, 2018. Awardees will be expected to accept or decline the scholarship offer within two weeks of receiving the award letter. If applicants choose to cancel their session after award notification, a full refund of the registration deposit will be issued. (See full cancellation policy below.)

*Lead with Languages scholarships cannot be stacked with Passport Fund scholarships. If an applicant is awarded both a Lead with Languages scholarship and a Passport Fund scholarship, the higher of the two scholarships will be applied.

To Apply

1.  Register for a summer session and pay the deposit. If you are unable to afford the deposit, call our registration department at (800) 222-4750 ext. 1. If you have a general scholarship question, please email us at  scholshp@cord.edu.  Note that scholarships cover $1,000 of tuition costs of a two- or four-week program and do not cover transportation costs.  (Other sessions including day camps, family sessions, and one-week programs not eligible for this scholarship.)

2.    Complete the application form below including a link to your video. Your video should answer the question, "Why is learning [insert the specific language you are interested in] important to me?" Videos should be around 30 seconds in length.  Click here for additional tips on making your video.

3.    Upload a copy of the front page of your most recent federal income tax return showing your adjusted gross income (AGI). You may black out social security numbers. If you are not required to file an income tax return, please supply us with a brief explanation and a statement of whatever source of income you had last year with any supporting documentation. Be sure to indicate the number of dependent children in your household that year.

Cancellation Policy:
1.    If you do not receive a scholarship and decide not to attend, your full deposit will be refunded if your cancellation is received within two weeks of notification of your scholarship. 
2.    If a cancellation is received May 7-31 a 50% refund will be given of the total tuition minus the deposit.
3.    If a cancellation is received on or after June 1 no refunds will be given.
4.    Villagers sent home from the Village for disciplinary reasons or homesickness will not receive a refund.

Questions may be sent via email to scholshp@cord.edu.

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