Additional Scholarship Opportunities

This page is updated as language specific scholarship opportunities become available.  Please note that Minnesota residents in grades 3-11 who qualify for free or reduced lunch should apply for the Minnesota OHE stipend.


The Salolampi Foundation offers several scholarships including an early bird scholarship, first-time villager scholarship, travel scholarship, and Upper Peninsula scholarship.  Additionally, all Finnish villagers receive an automatic scholarship just for attending.  For more information on the Salolampi Foundation scholarships, please click here..

The Finnish American Cultural Activities (FACA) Twin Cities scholarship is available to children or relatives of a FACA member.  Please contact Kathleen Jackson (3225 Century Ave. S., Woodbury, MN 55125, 651-739-3102) for further information and an application.


Please click here for more information on German scholarships.


The Italian Language Village is offering a scholarship for Minnesota and Wisconsin residents with a financial need. The Bella Ciao scholarship will provide financial support of $1,000 for a four-week program, $500 for a two-week program, and $300 for a one-week program. This scholarship is only available to first time villagers stepping up from a day camp to a one-week program, a one-week to two-week program, or from a two-week to a four-week program. Villager families must be able to prove an adjusted gross income below $90,000 in order to qualify and be residents of Minnesota or Wisconsin. To apply, please click here. Applications deadline is April 30, 2018.


Sons of Norway Scholarships:  Sons of Norway was instrumental in helping build the permanent site at Skogfjorden in the 1970’s and has since continued to support Skogfjorden through generous scholarships for its members to attend during the summer.  Lodges from all around the country award scholarship to members and their families.  Check out the lodge directory to locate the lodge in your area to see if they offer scholarships.
Please click here for more information on Norwegian scholarships.